Publications 2020

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Editors’ Choice—The Effect of Anchor Group and Alkyl Backbone Chain on Performance of Organic Compounds as Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum Investigated Using an Integrative Experimental-Modeling Approach.
Milošev, I.; Zimerl, D.; Carriére, Ch.; Zanna, S.; Seyeux, A.; Iskra, J.; Stavber, S.; Chiter, F.; Poberžnik, M.; Costa, D.; Kokalj, A.; Marcus, P. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 2020, 167 (6), 061509. :

Combining surface-sensitive microscopies for analysis of biological tissues after neural device implantation.
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Wu, X.; Wiame, F.; Maurice, V.; Marcus, P. Applied Surface Science 2020, 145132.

High-Current-Density CO2-to-CO Electroreduction on Ag-Alloyed Zn Dendrites at Elevated Pressure.
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Pour un monde durable : journée mondiale de la corrosion, 24 avril 2020. 
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