Research Topics

Four main research topics are investigated:

1- Nanostructure and reactivity of metal and oxide surfaces  (V. Maurice et P. Marcus)

  • Adsorption of atoms and inorganic or organic molecules on metal surfaces
  • Growth mechanisms, organization and reactivity of oxide ultrathin layers
  • Surface hydroxylation of oxides
  • Functionnalization of oxide surfaces, role of interfaces in thin layers properties

 2- Electrochemistry of surfaces and corrosion mechanisms (P. Marcus)

  • Initiation mechanisms of localized corrosion
  • Biocorrosion
  • Protection against corrosion (coatings, surface treatment)
  • Energiy storage : li-ions battery (intercalation, conversion, concentration of lithium in oxide).

3- Biological interfaces (A. Galtayries)

  • Interactions between biomolecules and surfaces
  • Biocompatibility, biomaterials, functionnalization

4- Modelling and simulation of structure and properties of metal and oxide surfaces  (D. Costa)

  • Oxide layer :
    • Modelling passive films on metals and alloys
    • Localized corrosion mechanism
  • Metal surfaces interactions with the environment (gas or liquid) :
    • Adsorption and reactivity of different species (H2O,H2S)  metal and oxide surfaces
    • Modelling of corrosion inhibitors
    • Thermodynamics of metal surfaces in water.

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