Axe 4 : Optoélectronique, photovoltaïque et nanostructures – Optoelectronics, photovoltaics and nanostructures

Group leader: Thierry Pauporté (CNRS research Director- 1st class)

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Nous concevons des matériaux semiconducteurs (ZnO, NiO, TiO2, Perovskites hybrides…), luminescents et/ou magnétiques sous forme de couches minces ou de nanostructures par des méthodes de croissance en solution (sol-gel, hydrothermal, spin coating, électrochimie…) avec des fonctionnalités permettant leur intégration dans des dispositifs tels que des LEDs pour l’éclairage, des cellules photovoltaïques à base de pérovskites ou de colorants, des nanocapteurs chimiques, des photodétecteurs, des scintillateurs etc.

Our research focuses on the development of techniques for the synthesis of advanced materials with a structure control at the micro- and nano-scales. They are designed to play an active role in devices and for boosting their efficiency. The combination of materials and their assemblies are particularly investigated by the group in order to get new or boosted properties (self-assembled monolayers, junctions, sensitizing, photon management…). The prepared materials are mainly semiconductors of n- or p-type, especially oxides which are doped or not, and halide perovskites. These semiconductors have adjustable bandgaps, their doping is finely controlled and they are prepared as thin films, nanostructured layers or nano-objects.

The techniques employed for the materials synthesis are mostly low temperature processes in which the chemical precursors are dissolved in solution. We are specialist in electrochemistry, spin-coating, spray pyrolysis and hydrothermal growth.

We also develop the integration of these layers in various efficient devices such as photovoltaic solar cells (perovskite solar cells, quantum dots solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells and p/n junctions), in light emitting devices (LEDs) emitting the UV or visible range, in photodetectors, as well as in sensors and scintillators.

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